Best Gift Ever!

Jean Ortega - Mesa, AZ

I am not crafty and I can't sew.  I do however, love the look and feel of something homemade.  I found Designer Hotties and now I can't live without them.  I use them whenever I cook, bar-b-que or bake.  They are adorable and have saved my hands countless times from being burned. THANK YOU!


Gilbert Homemade Gifts

Love It!

Jerry Hutson - Scottsdale, AZ

I fell in love with the women's slippers online.  I purchased 2 pairs for my wife for our anniversary.  She wears them now as her house shoes and says they are the perfect gift! When she's happy, I am VERY HAPPY!


Alison SMith - Phoenix, AZ

I purchased a hand sewn blanket for my newest nephew, Jackson.  Both he and his mom love it and I found out that he won't sleep without it!  The quality is unmatched and cannot be found in stores.  It is truly unique.